Abstract - The Information Society 19(4)


The Role of Institutional Motivations in Technological Adoption: Implementation of DeKalb County's Family Technology Resource Centers

Dara V. O'Neil, Paul M.A. Baker


The Family Technology Resource Centers (FTRC) Program consists of 14 community technology centers operated by the DeKalb County School System (DCSS) in Atlanta, Georgia. The model program is an outreach and technology diffusion initiative developed and maintained by the DCSS to encourage the use and awareness of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) by under-served populations. A narrative assessment was generated using a qualitative approach based on researchers’ direct observations of day-to-day operations, interviews conducted with key stakeholders, and review and analysis of official internal and external documents detailing program elements. The FTRC's successful efforts are tied to a combination of an environment “suitable” for change, the participation and "buy-in" of key stakeholders with a shared set of objectives, and the ability of key change agents both internally and externally to draw upon resources to “leverage” a digital divide policy initiative.

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