Abstract - The Information Society 26(2)

Weaving networks. An educational project for digital inclusion

Adelina Calvo, Susana Rojas, and Teresa Susinos

In this article we describe the development of a Digital Training Project aimed at groups at risk of social exclusion in the community of Cantabria, Spain. This project is in keeping with national and international policies, specially those designed by the European Union, that seek to develop an information society accessible for all citizens. Here we describe the results of two and a half years of training activities that aims to bring certain social groups into closer contact with the ICT. Although our training pro-gramme is based on the notion that access to technologies, as well as certain uses that can be made of them, is linked to digital and social inclusion, we have tried to avoid what some authors have called myths and mistaken beliefs surrounding ICT, especially the idea that more and better technology necessarily produces a society which is more in touch, more socially committed, more just and more democratic. We believe that the ideas and dilemmas that have arisen as a result of the design, development and assess-ment of the Digital Training Project can cast light on the meaning of teaching “with,” “from,” and “based on” the ICT.


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