Abstract - The Information Society 26(2)

A New Type of Historical Knowledge

Shai Ophir

When Luciano Floridi coined the term “Ideometry” back in 1995 (Floridi, 1995) as a new approach for analysis of text for finding patterns that were hidden so far, the vision lacked the appropriate technological means. Later, with further development of the Internet, Massimo Torre highlights its enormous potentiality as a tool for Ideometry (Torre, 2002). With the appearance of online corpora of books, such as Google Books, the vision may have moved closer to reality. In my paper “Searching for the Great Chain of Being using Google Print,” published in The Information Society (Ophir, 2007), I laid the initial design for a potential implementation for the field of the history of ideas. In this short paper I describe the implementation and initial results for the specific case of German Idealism.


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