Abstract - The Information Society 12(3)

Entrepreneurship, flexibility, and policy coordination: Taiwan's computer industry

Kenneth L. Kraemer, Jason Dedrick, Chin-Yeong Hwang, Tze-Chen Tu and Chee-Sing Yap.

In just 15 years, Taiwan has emerged as a leading producer of hardware for nearly every major computer vendor in the world, despite little previous experience in high-technology industries. By 1995, Taiwan ranked 4th in the world in computer hardware production and exports through its strategy of being a "fast follower." Taiwan's success in the computer industry has been due to a coordinated government strategy to support private entrepreneurship by a large number of small, flexible, innovative companies. Taiwan's computer companies have responded rapidly and effectively to continuing changes in the international market and avoided m any of the problems encountered by their counterparts in Japan and South Korea in recent years. They have done so by emphasizing close supplier relationships with multinational computer companies all over the world as a means of promoting exports and kee ping apprised of market conditions.

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