Abstract - The Information Society 8 (2)

Why Information Management Is an International Issue

Forest Woody Horton, Jr.

The following factors lead all countries to information resources management: 1. competition in the marketplace for the benefits of the information revolution, 2. the creation of new jobs and the loss of old jobs in the service sector, 3. the office paper flood, 4. transborder data flows, 5. protection of private personal and confidential business records, 6. fear of cultural imperialism or inundation, 7. national security protection issues, 8. propaganda control over information inflows and outflows, and 9. knowledge base expansion issues. The need to plan, manage, and control information and resources is a pervasive concern that involves political, economic, social, and personal considerations. The information management function needs to be elevated to the top of the organization, whether it exists in a nation's bureaucracy, academe, or the corporate realm.

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