Abstract - The Information Society 8 (2)

Multimedia Technology as the Catalyst for a New Form of Literacy

Gary R Rowe

The industrial technology of print is giving way to a whole new image of what literacy is, and that image is bound to the computer and to television, as well as to language in new forms. Books will not disappear, but the information in them will have value in relation to other media. The policy issues involved with the era of multimedia television and its global reach include: 1. The reality of multimedia and global television supersedes national boundaries. 2. Indexing multimedia to make it accessible is the major project of the 1990s. 3. Communication links are organizing societies. 4. The issue of language dominance, or language imperialism, will be an increasing undercurrent as media become more pervasive. 5. The democratization of information may threaten elites.

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