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2008: Volume 24

No. 1
No. 2 No. 3 No. 4 No. 5


Vol. 24, No. 1


Consumer Benefits of Public Services over FTTH in Japan: Comparative Analysis of Provincial and Urban Areas by Using Discrete Choice Experiment [Abstract]
Takanori Ida and Yuki Horiguchi

Search engines as substitutes for traditional information sources? An investigation of media choice [Abstract]
Natalie Kink and Thomas Hess

Mediating Voices: Community Participation in the Design of E-Enabled Community Care Services [Abstract]
Bridgette Wessels, Sarah Walsh, and Elaine Adam


Global Freedom of Expression within Non-Textual Frameworks [Abstract]
Johnny Hartz Søraker

Remembering Things [Abstract]
Michael Arnold, Christopher Shepherd, and Martin Gibbs

Digital Divide Complacency: Misconceptions and Dangers [Abstract]
Jeffrey James


Next Steps in Digital Studies, Resignifying Culture, Community, and Code
Matt Ratto

Privacy Protection in the Network Society: “Trading Up” or a “Race to the Bottom”?
Michael Zimmer

Vol. 24, No. 2


IBM’s Chess Players: On AI and its Supplements [Abstract]
Brian P. Bloomfield and Theo Vurdubakis

Mobilising poverty? Mobile phone use and everyday spatial mobility among low income families in Santiago, Chile [Abstract]
Sebastian Ureta

Information and Communication Technologies for Development: The Bottom of the Pyramid Model in Practice [Abstract]
Renee Kuriyan, Isha Ray, and Kentaro Toyama

Instant Messaging on Campus: Use and Integration in University Students’ Everyday Communication [Abstract]
Anabel Quan-Haase


Wind, Water, and Wi-Fi: New Trends in Community Informatics and Disaster Management [Abstract]
Kalpana Shankar


The Consequences of Information: Institutional Implications of Technological Change, by Jannis Kallinikos. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar, 2006. $35.00 paper/$95.00 cloth. ISBN 978 1 84720 500 1 paper/978 1 84542 328 5 cloth.
Reviewed by Hamid R. Ekbia

Global E-Commerce: Impacts of National Environment and Policy, edited by Kenneth L. Kraemer, Jason Dedrick, Nigel P. Melville, and Kevin Zhu. Cambridge University Press, 2006. xxii + 444 pp. $75.00 cloth. ISBN 0-521-84822-9.
Reviewed by Thomas R Leinbach

The New Argonauts: Regional Advantage in a Global Economy, by AnnaLee Saxenian. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2006. 432 pp. $27.95 cloth. ISBN 978-0-674-02566-0 paper/978-0-674-02201-0 cloth.
Reviewed by Yong Jin Park

Encyclopedia of Gender and Information Technology, edited by Eileen M. Trauth. Hershey, PA: The Idea Group, 2006. 1451 pp. $525.00 cloth. ISBN: 1-59140-815-6.
Reviewed by Rhoda Reddock, Deborah McFee, and Cathy Ann Radix

Virtual Methods: Issues in Social Research on the Internet, by Christine Hine. New York: Berg Publishers, 2005. xiii + 242 pp., $28.95 paper. ISBN 1845200853.
Reviewed by Venkata Ratnadeep Suri

Vol. 24, No. 3

Special Issue: Mobile Societies in Asia-Pacific Guest Editors: Leopoldina Fortunati, Francis Lee, and Angel Lin


Introduction to the Special Issue on “Mobile Societies in Asia-Pacific”
Leopoldina Fortunati, Francis Lee, and Angel Lin


Research Approaches to Mobile Use in the Developing World: A Review of the Literature [Abstract]
Jonathan Donner

Sex, Cannibals and the Language of Cool: Indonesian Tales of the Phone and Modernity [Abstract]
Bart Barendregt

Reorienting the Mobile: Australasian Imaginaries [Abstract]
Gerard Goggin


SMS in China: A major Carrier of the Non-official Discourse Universe [Abstract]
Zhou He


Towards a Sustainable Information Society: Deconstructing WSIS, edited by Jan Servaes and Nico Carpentier. Bristol, UK: Intellect, 2006. 215 pp., $39.95 cloth. ISBN 1841501336.
Reviewed by Daniel Bicknell

Control and Freedom: Power and Paranoia in the Age of Fiber Optics, by Wendy Hui Kyong Chun. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2006. x + 352 pp., $37.50/£24.95 cloth. ISBN 0-262-03332-1.
Reviewed by David Parisi

Dangerous Enthusiasms: E-government, Computer Failure, and Information System Development, by Robin Gauld and Shaun Goldfinch. Dunedin (N.Z.): Otago University Press, 2006. 160pp. $39.95 paper. ISBN-13 978 1 877372 34 6.
Reviewed by Bryan Pfaffenberger

Vol. 24, No. 4


Parameters for Software Piracy Research [Abstract]
Clyde W. Holsapple, Deepak Iyengar, Haihao Jin, and Shashank Rao

The Persistence of Information Structures in Nordic Countries [Abstract]
Pekka Räsänen

Revising the Conceptualization of Computerization Movements [Abstract]
Noriko Hara, and Howard Rosenbaum


Trends in digital music archiving [Abstract]
Patrick Burkart

Welsh Without Frontiers? Use of the Community Metaphor in Wales' Sponsored Top Level Domain Bid [Abstract]
Courtenay Honeycutt


Minding the Galison Gap
Elisabeth Davenport

DRM as Socio-Technical Systems
Kristin Eschenfelder

Questioning the 'crime' in cybercrime
Salvatore Poier

Vol. 24, No. 5


Back to the Future: How Transportation Deregulatory Policies Foreshadow Evolution of Communications Policies [Abstract]
Barbara Cherry

The Diffusion of Mobile Internet in Japan [Abstract]
Mito Akiyoshi and Hiroshi Ono

The Emergence of a Knowledge-based View of Clusters and its Implications for Cluster Governance [Abstract]
Marc D. Bahlmann and Marleen H. Huysman

Understanding the Role of ICT Networks in a Biotechnology Cluster: An Exploratory Study of Medicon Valley [Abstract]
Charles Steinfield and Ada Scupola


Should we be concerned that the elderly don't text? [Abstract]
Rich Ling

Consumer Information Requirements and Telecommunications Regulation [Abstract]
Patrick Xavier


Governing European Communications: From Unification to Coordination, by Maria Michalis. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishing, 2007. 368 pp. $39.95 paper/$95.00 cloth. ISBN paper 978-0-7391-1736-1/ISBN cloth 978-0-7391-1735-4.
Reviewed by Itir Akdogan

Made to Break: Technology and Obsolescence in America, by Giles Slade. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 2007. 330 pp., $15.95 paper. ISBN 13-978-0-674-02572 (paper).
Reviewed by Abby Dress

Brave New Classrooms: Democratic Education and the Internet, edited by Joe Lockard and Mark Pegrum. New York, NY: Peter Lang Publishing Group, 2007. X + 360 pp., $32.95 paper. ISBN 978-0-8204-8123-4.
Reviewed by Sharon Stoerger

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