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Special Issues


Submit your ideas for writing an article or organizing a special issue to Harmeet Sawhney at hsawhney@indiana.edu. Also check out guidelines for guest editors of special issues.

[Special Section] Platforms, Precarity, and Entrepreneurship: Mobile Communication in Asia 36(5) 2020 (published)

Telecommunications Data: Access, Availability, Uncertainty and Policy 35(2) 2019 (published)

Cultural Industries and Transmedia in a Time of Convergence: Modes of Engagement and Participation 32(5) 2016 (published)

Connecting Fields: Information, Learning Sciences and Education 32(2) 2016 (published)

Beyond Industrial Robotics: Social Robots Entering Public and Domestic Spheres 31(3) 2015 (published)

Regimes of Information and the Paradox of Embeddedness 31(2) 2015 (published)

[Special Forum] Monetization of User-Generated Content: Marx Revisited 31(1) 2015 (published)

Media and Empowerment 30(3) 2014 (published)

[Special Forum] Critical Making as Research Program 30(2) 2014 (published)

Death, Afterlife and Immortality of Bodies and Data 29(3) 2013 (published)

[Special Section] Knowledge Management in Postmodern Society 28(4) 2012 (published)

ICT adoption and User Choices 26(4) 2010 (published)

Creative Industries and Urban Development 26(2) 2010 (published)

Geographies of the Information Society Revisted 25(5) 2009 (published)

The Philosophy of Information, its Nature and Future Developments 25(3) 2009 (published)

[Special Section] Critical Theory of Communication Technology 25(2) 2009 (published)

Mobile Societies in Asia-Pacific 24(3) 2008 (published)

The Legacy of Rob Kling: Social Informatics as a Research Discipline 23(4), 2007 (published)

Accessibility, Disability, and Inclusion in Information Technologies 23(3), 2007 (published)

Towards a Coherent Metrology of Information Societies 22(5), 2006 (published)

ICT in Everyday Life: Home and Personal Environments 22(4), 2006 (published)

ICT Research and Disciplinary Boundaries: Is "Internet Research" a Virtual Field, a Proto-discipline, or Something Else? 21(4), 2005 (published)

The Role of Information Technology in Building and Sustaining the Relational Base of Communities 21(2), 2005 (published)

[Special Forum] vis-à-vis: Where Interactivity Resides 20(5), 2004 (published)

Social Determinants of Public Policy in the Information Age 20(3), 2004 (published)

Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) and Community Networking Globalization of Electronic Commerce 19(5), 2003 (published)

The Digital Divide: Exploring Equity and Politics 19(4), 2003 (published)

Designing for Virtual Communities in the Service of Learning 19(3), 2003 (published)

Globalization of E-Commerce 19(1), 2003 (published)

Time and Information Technology 18(4), 2002 (published)

Issues of Authenticity, Social Accountability & Trust with Electronic Records 17(4), 2001 (published)

Impacts of Economic Liberalization on IT Production and Use 17(2) April-June, 2000, (published)

Universal Service: New Conceptions for a New Age16(2), April-June, 2000(published)

The Rhetoric of Gender in Computer-mediated Communication 15(3), July-September,1999(published)

Anonymous Communication on the Internet 15(2), April-June, 1999 (published)

Virtual Societies: Their Prospects and Dilemmas 14(2), April-June, 1998 (published)

Free Speech and Privacy in Canada's Information Society 13(2), April-June, 1997 (published)

Theory and Practice of Electronic Commerce 13(1), January-March, 1997 (published)

Electronic Publication and Scholarly Communication 11(4), October-December, 1995 (published)


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