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2012: Volume 28

No. 1
No. 2 No. 3 No. 4 No. 5


Vol. 28, No. 1


Does the "Do-it-yourself approach" reduce digital inequality? Evidence of self-learning of digital skills [Abstract]
Uwe Matzat and Bert Sadowski

Establishing the Internet in Costa Rica: Co-optation and the Closure of Technological Controversies[Abstract]
Ignacio Siles

Re-thinking Digital Cultures and Divides: The Case for Reflective Media [Abstract]
Ramesh Srinivasan

The State and Democracy After New Public Management: Exploring Alternative Models of E-Governance [Abstract]
Diego D. Navarra and Tony Cornford


The Tuning of Place: Sociable Spaces and Pervasive Digital Media by Richard Coyne. Cambridge, Mass.: The MIT Press, 2010, 344 pp. $35.00 hardcover. £25.95 cloth. ISBN 978-0-262-01391-8 hard/0-262-01391-6 cloth
David Cecchetto

Makeover TV: Selfhood, Citizenship, and Celebrity, by Brenda R. Weber.  Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2009.  344 pp. $23.95 paper. $84.95 cloth.  ISBN 978-0-8223-4568-8 paper / 978-0-8223-4551-0 cloth.
David Bering-Porter

The Trouble with Culture:  How Computers are Calming the Culture Wars, by F. Allan Hanson. Albany, NY:  State University of New York Press, 2007.  ix + 192 pp. ISBN:  978-0-7914-7018-3
Rosemary Pennington

Joseph Michael Reagle Jr. Good Faith Collaboration. The Culture of Wikipedia. Cambridge, Massachusetts: The MIT Press, 2010. 256 pp. $27.95, ISBN-10: 0-262-01447-5, ISBN-13: 978-0-262-01447-2   $27.95
José-Carlos Redondo-Olmedilla

Wireless: From Marconi’s Black-Box to the Audion, by Sungook Hong. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2010. 248 pp. $22.00 paper. ISBN 978-0-262-51419-4.
Melissa Dinsman

Learning, Creating, and Using Knowledge: Concept Maps as Facilitative Tools in Schools and Corporations, by Joseph D. Novak. Second Edition. New York and London: Routledge, 2010. $50.95 paper/$140.00 cloth. ISBN 978-0-415-99185-8 paper/ 978-0-415-99184-1 cloth.
Ryan Singh Paul

Vol. 28, No. 2


Increase in telecommunications expenditure and the migration of consumption online: The case of South Korea [Abstract]
Dong Hee Lee and Duk Hee Lee

The plausibility of cross-national comparisons of Internet use types [Abstract]
Ellen Helsper and Monica M. Gerber

Teenagers’ Experiences with Social Network Sites: Relationships to Bridging and Bonding Social
Capital [Abstract]
June Ahn

The State and Democracy After New Public Management: Exploring Alternative Models of E-Governance [Abstract]
Charles Steinfield, Robert LaRose, Han Ei Chew and Stephanie Tom Tong


Ubiquitous Learning, edited by Bill Cope and Mary Kalantzis. Urbana, IL: University of Illinois Press, 2009. $25.00 paper/$70.00 cloth. ISBN 978-0-252-07680-0 paper/978-0-252-03496-1 cloth.
Helene C. Williams

Beyond the Echo Chamber: Reshaping Politics through Networked Progressive Media, by Jessica Clark and Tracy Van Slyke. New York, NY: The New Press, 2010.  $15.56 paper. ISBN-10: 1595584714/ISBN-13: 978-1595584717.
Adam Fish

The Breakup 2.0: Disconnecting over New Media, by Illana Gershon. Ithaca, NY: Cornell UP, 2010. $22.95 cloth. ISBN 978-0-80144-859-1 cloth.
Andrew Pilsch

Cognitive Surplus, by Clay Shirky. New York: The Penguin Press, 2010. $25.95. ISBN: 978-1594202537 (hardcover).
Sorin Adam Matei

Testing and Assesment in Translation and Interpreting Studies, edited by Claudia V. Angelelli and Holly E. Jacobson, Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2009. vi+386pp. $143 hardbound/e-book. ISBN 978 90 272 3190 1 hardbound/ 978 90 272 8902 5 e-book.
Mirna Radin-Sabadoš

The Metalanguage of Translation, ed. by Yves Gambier and Luc van Doorslaer. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2009. $128 Hardbound. ISBN 978-90-272-2250-3.
Konstantina Georganta

Vol. 28, No. 3


Value in Informational Capitalism and on the Internet [Abstract]
Adam Arvidsson and Elanor Colleoni

An Aesthetic for Deliberating Online: Thinking Through 'Universal Pragmatics' and Dialogism' with Reference to Wikipedia [Abstract]
Nicholas Cimini and  Jennifer Burr

Taming the Information Tide: Perceptions of Information Overload in the American Home [Abstract]
Eszter Hargittai, W. Russell Neuman and Olivia Curry

The Role of Social Culture in Internet Adoption in Greece: Unpacking ‘I Don’t Want to Use the Internet’ and Frequency of Use[Abstract]
Panayiota Tsatsau


When the Lights Went Out. A History of Blackouts in America, by David E. Nye. Cambridge, MA, London, England: The MIT Press, 2010. $ 27.95 cloth. ISBN 978-0-262-01374-1.
    Angela Schwarz

Bioart and the Vitality of Media, by Robert E. Mitchell. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2010. 224pp. $30.00 paper/$60.00 cloth ISBN 9780295990088 paper/9780295990071 cloth.
Rosana Horio Monteiro

From Blogs to Bombs: The Future of Digital Technologies in Education, by Mark Pegrum. Crawley, Western Australia: UWA Publishing, 2009. $24.95 paper/ $19.95 ebook. ISBN 9781921401343 (paper) 9781742580593 (ebook).
Tom Lindsley

Gender Circuits: Bodies and Identities in a Technological Age, by Eve Shapiro. New York and London: Routledge, 2010. $31.95 paper/ $135.00 cloth. ISBN 978-0-415-99696-9 paper/ 978-0-415-99695-2 cloth.
Firat Oruc

Scientific Collaboration on the Internet, edited by Gary M. Olsen, Ann Zimmerman, and Nathan Bos. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2008. 432 pp. $45.00 Hardback. ISBN: 0262151200.
Kalpana Shankar

Vol. 28, No. 4

Special Section: Knowledge Management in Postmodern Society
Guest Editors: Leopoldina Fortunati, Svend Erik Larsen, Julia Stamm


Introduction to the Special Section on Knowledge Management in Postmodern Society [Abstract]
Leopoldina Fortunati, Svend Erik Larsen, Julia Stamm


The Evolution of Knowledge in the University [Abstract]
Nikhil Bhattacharya

Network Mediated Discursive Education:  From Computational to Networked Knowledge in the University [Abstract]
Ronald Day

Graphic Literacies for a Digital Age: The Survival of Layout [Abstract]
Robert Waller


Understanding Non-use of Interactivity in Online Newspapers: Insights from Structuration Theory [Abstract]
Anders Olof Larsson

The Bumpy Road to Universal Access:  An Actor-Network Analysis of a US Municipal Broadband Internet Initiative [Abstract]
J.J. Po-An Hsieh, Mark Keil, Jonny Homström, Lynette Kvasny

Vol. 28, No. 5


Online vs. Offline in the U.S.: Are the Media Shrinking? [Abstract]
David Waterman and Sung Wook Ji

Social media new and old in the Al ‘Arakeeb conflict: A case study [Abstract]
Amit M Schejter and Noam Tirosh

Breaching the contract? Privacy and the UK Census [Abstract]
Catherine Heeney


Synthetic ethos: The believability of collections at the intersection of classification and curation [Abstract]
Melanie Feinberg


Networks and States: The Global Politics of Internet Governance, by Milton L. Mueller. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2010. $35.00 cloth. ISBN-10 0-262-01459-9 cloth.
Dana R. Solomon

Peer to Peer and the Music Industry:  The Criminalization of Sharing, by Matthew David.  Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 2010.  186pp.  $84.00 cloth. ISBN 978-1-84787-005-6.
Carolyn M. Schwartz

Understanding Privacy, by Daniel J. Solove. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2008. x + 257 pp. $21.00 paper. $46.50 cloth. ISBN 978-0-674-03507-2 paper/978-0-674-02772-5 cloth.
Miriam Sweeney

Access Controlled: The Shaping of Power, Rights, and Rule in Cyberspace, edited by Ronald Deibert, John Palferey, Rafal Rohozinski, and Jonathan L. Zittrain, Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2010. v + 617 pp., $27.00 paper. ISBN: 9780262514354.
Kim Lacey

Information Markets: A Strategic Guideline for the I-Commerce, by Frank Linde and Wolfgang G. Stock. Berlin, Germany: De Gruyter, 2011. xxi + 617 pp. $90.00 cloth. ISBN 978-3-11-023610-1 electronic/978-3-11-023609-5 cloth.
Alireza Isfandyari-Moghaddam

North of Empire: Essays on the Cultural Technologies of Space,
by Jody Berland. Durham, U.S.: Duke University Press, 2009.
$26.95 paper/$94.95 cloth ISBN: 978-0-8223-4306-6 paper/978-0-8223-4288-5/cloth.
Margaret J.Rhee



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