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2014: Volume 30

No. 1 No. 2
No. 3 No. 4 No. 5


Vol. 30, No. 1


Reconciling Political and Economic Goals in the Net Neutrality Debate
Johannes M. Bauer and Jonathan A. Obar [Abstract]

The Virtual Culture Industry: Work and Play in Virtual Worlds
Marcus Schulzke [Abstract]

The Internet Defends Itself: The Network Neutrality Debate on the Web
Bill D. Herman and Minjeong Kim

Guiding Principles for Internet Policy: A Comparison of Media Coverage in Four Western Countries
Maria Löblich and Kari Karppinen


Dynamic Human Centered Communication Systems Theory
Annie Lang [Abstract]

What Tahrir Square has done for Social Media:  A 2012 Snapshot in the Struggle for Political Power in Egypt
Ramesh Srinivasan [Abstract]


Popular Music: Topics, Trends, & Trajectories, by Tara Brabazon.  Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 2011.  296pp.  $112.00.  ISBN 9781847874351 (cloth).
Carolyn M. Schwartz

Noise Channels: Glitch and Error in Digital Culture, by Peter Krapp.  Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press, 2011. 162 pp.  $22.50.   ISBN 9780816676255 (paper).
Kathryn Thompson

Vol. 30, No. 2

SPECIAL FORUM: Critical Making as Research Program
Guest Editors: Matt Ratto, Sara Ann Wylie, and Kirk Jalbert

Introduction to the Special Forum on Critical Making as Research Program
Matt Ratto, Sara Ann Wylie, and Kirk Jalbert [Abstract]

Critical Making as Materializing the Politics of Design
Carl DiSalvo [Abstract]

Recursive Depth in Generative Spaces: Democratization in Three Dimensions of Technosocial Self-organization
Ron Eglash and David A. Banks [Abstract]

Institutions for Civic Technoscience: How Critical Making is Transforming Environmental Research
Sara Ann Wylie, Kirk Jalbert, Shannon Dosemagen, and Matt Ratto


Accountability and the Framing Power of Visual Technologies: How do Visualized Reconstructions of Incidents Influence Public and Political Accountability Discussions?
Victor Bekkers and Rebecca Moody [Abstract]

What is the Content of the World's Technologically Mediated Information and Communication Capacity: How Much Text, Image, Audio and Video?
Martin Hilbert [Abstract]


Access Contested: Security, Identity, and Resistance in Asian Cyberspace, edited by Ronald J. Deibert, John G. Palfrey, Rafal Rohozinski, and Jonathan Zittrain. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2012.  414 pp.  $24.00.  ISBN 9780262516808 (paper).
Dongoh Park

Digital Labor: The Internet as Playground and Factory, edited by Trebor Scholz.  New York, NY: Routledge, 2013.  258 pp.  $37.95.  ISBN 9780415896955 (paper).
Kim Lacey

Posthuman Suffering and the Technological Embrace, Anthony Miccoli.  Plymouth, UK Lexington Books, 2010. xi + 142 pp. $62.70; €51,99; £36.05. ISBN 9780739126332 (hardcover).
Brandon Auman, Kevin McManama, and Nicholas J. Rowland

Vol. 30, No. 3

SPECIAL ISSUE: Media & Empowerment
Guest Editors: Vesna Dolnicar and Leopoldina Fortunati

Exploring and conceptualizing empowerment:  Introduction to the special issue on media and empowerment
Vesna Dolnicar and Leopoldina Fortunati [Abstract]


Media between power and empowerment: Can we resolve this dilemma?
Leopoldina Fortunati [Abstract]

Individual and collective empowerment in online communities: The mediating role of communicative interaction in web forums
Gregor Petrič and Andraž Petrovčič [Abstract]

The capability approach community informatics
Larry Stillman and Tom Denison [Abstract]

Measuring the dynamics of information societies: Empowering stakeholders amid the digital divide
Vesna Dolničar, Katja Prevodnik, and Vasja Vehovar


Reinventing Data Protection? edited by Serge Gutwirth, Yves Poullet, Paul de Hert, Cecile de Terwangne, and Sjaak Nouwt.  Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Springer, 2009. 342 pp. $219.00.  ISBN 9781402094972 (hardcover).
Kalpana Shankar

From Social Butterfly to Engaged Citizen: Urban Informatics, Social Media, Ubiquitous Computing, and Mobile Technology to Support Citizen Engagement, edited by Marcus Foth, Laura Forlano, Christine Satchell, and Martin Gibbs. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2011. xvii + 521pp. ISBN 9780262016513 (hardcover).
Tom Denison

Media Regulation: Governance and the Interests of Citizens and Consumers, by Peter Lunt and Sonia Livingstone. London, UK: Sage, 2012. 216 pp.  $44.00. ISBN 9780857025708 (paper).
Irene I. van Driel

How to Do Things with Videogames, by Ian Bogost. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press, 2011. 180 pp.  $18.95. ISBN 9780816676477 (paper).
Nathan Kruis, Chris Lehman, and Nicholas J. Rowland

(Re)Inventing the Internet: Critical Case Studies, edited by Andrew Feenberg & Norm Friesen.  Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers, 2012. 146pp.  $43.00.  ISBN 9789460917325 (paper).
Larry Stillman

Internet Inquiry: Conversations about Method, edited by Annette N. Markham and Nancy K. Baym. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 2008.  264 pp.  $50.00.  ISBN 978-1412910019 (paper).
David Nemer

Vol. 30, No. 4


Pink and Blue Pixel$: Gender and Economic Disparity in Two Massive Online Games
Vili Lehdonvirta, Rabindra A. Ratan, Tracy L. M. Kennedy and Dmitri Williams [Abstract]

Using APIs for Data Collection on Social Media
Stine Lomborg and Anja Bechmann [Abstract]

Privacy and Narrativity in the Internet Era
J. C. Buitelaar [Abstract]

Small Circles: Mobile Telephony and the Cultivation of the Private Sphere
Rich Ling, Johannes Bjelland, Pål Roe Sundsøy and Scott Campbell


Telesthesia: Communication, Culture and Class, by McKenzie Wark. Malden, MA: Polity Press, 2012. 244 pp. $19.95. ISBN 97807456-53990 (paper).
Kim Lacey

Virtual Knowledge: Experimenting in the Humanities and the Social Sciences, edited by Paul Wouters, Anne Beaulieu, Andrea Scharnhorst, and Sally Wyatt.  Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2012.  272 pp.  $24.00.  ISBN 9780262517911 (paper).
Sorin Adam Matei 

Vol. 30, No. 5


Does the Great Firewall really isolate the Chinese? Integrating Access Blockage with Cultural Factors to Explain Web User Behavior
Harsh Taneja and Angela Xiao Wu [Abstract]

At the Intersection of the Digital Divide and the Knowledge Gap:  Do Knowledge Domains and Measures Matter?
JungAe Yang and Maria Elizabeth Grabe

The Emerging Mobile Internet Underclass: A Critique of Mobile Internet Access  
Philip M. Napoli and Jonathan A. Obar [Abstract]

Who am I Online? Examining Voluntary Use as Symbolic-Collective Action
Rennie Naidoo [Abstract]


Bibliometric Evaluation of Researchers in the Internet Age
Alberto Bartoli and Eric Medvet

A Strategy for Operationalising Privacy by Design
Inga Kroener and David Wright

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