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1994: Volume 10

No. 1 | No. 2 | No. 3 | No. 4


Vol. 10, No. 1

Providing Auditing While Protecting Privacy. [Abstract ]
L. Jean Camp and J.D. Tygar

Electronic Support for the Practice of Research. [Abstract]
Roger Clarke.

Employee Information Processing Behaviors Before and After a Corporate Downsizing. [Abstract]
Mary, R.Lind and Robert W. Zmud

What Information Society? [Abstract]
Frank Webster

Vol. 10, No. 2

Understanding the Digital Individual. [Abstract]
Philip E. Agre

Surveillance and Capture: Two Models of Privacy. [Abstract]
Philip E. Agre

Mutual Control in the Newly Integrated Work Environments. [Abstract ]
Jonathan P. Allen

The Digital Persona and Its Application to Data Surveillance. [Abstract]
Roger Clarke

History-Enriched Digital Objects: Prototypes and Policy Issues. [Abstract]
William C. Hill and James D. Hollan

The Digital Individual. [Abstract]
Max Kilger

Vol. 10, No. 3

Opportunities for the Use of Information Resources and Advanced Technologies in Congress: A Study for the Joint Committee on the Organized Congress. (A Consultant Report). [Abstract]
Robert Lee Chartrand and Robert C. Ketcham

Reading "All About" Computerization: How Genre Conventions Shape Nonfiction Social Analysis. [Abstract]
Rob Kling

The Role of Computer Systems in Organizational Decision Making. [Abstract]
Francis A.Wilson and John N. Wilson

Vol. 10, No. 4

Freedom and Censorship in the Emerging Electronic Environment. [Abstract]
Martin Fogelman

Supporting the Free Market: Information Technology Policy in Hong Kong. [Abstract]
Kenneth L. Kraemer, Jason Dedrick and Sheryl Jarman

Caller ID and the Meaning of Privacy. [Abstract ]
Laurie Thomas Lee and Robert LaRose

Reply to Walsham's Critique. [Abstract]
Abbe Mowshowitz.

Virtual Organization: A Vision of Management in the Information Age. [Abstract]
Abbe Mowshowitz

Virtual Organization: An Alternative View. [Abstract]
Geoff Walsham



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