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1997: Volume 13

No. 1 | No. 2 | No. 3 | No. 4


Vol. 13, No. 1

Special Issue: Theory and Practice of Electronic Commerce

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief 13(1)

Electronic Commerce: Definition, Theory, and Context. [Abstract]
Rolf Wigand.

Networked Commerce: Public Policy Issues in a Communication Deregulated Environment. [Abstract]
Linda Garcia.

Electronic Commerce, World Wide Web, Minitel and EDI. [Abstract]
Richard Hill.

A New Marketing Paradigm for Electronic Commerce. [Abstract]
Donna L. Hoffman and Thomas P. Novak.

Factors Affecting the Adoption of an Internet-based Sales Presence for Small Business. [Abstract]
Pat Auger and John M. Gallaugher.

Electronic Commerce in Retailing: Differences Across Retail Formats. [Abstract]
Jonathan W. Palmer.

An Approach to the Value-based Modeling of Information Flows. [Abstract]
Nabil Kamel, Murali Mohan, and Kranti Toraskar.

The Organization of Electronic Markets: Contributions from the New Institutional Economics. [Abstract]
Arnold Picot, Christine Bortenlanger, and Heiner Rohrl.

American Software Hegemony in Packaged Software and 'the Culture Software' [Abstract]
Erran Carmel.

Book Review

Reviewed by Rob Kling: Public Access to the Internet, by Brian Kahin and James Keller (eds).

Vol. 13, No. 2

Special Issue: Free Speech and Privacy in Canada's Information Society

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief 13(2)

Social Issues in Canada's Information Society. [No Abstract Available]
Jeffrey Shallit and Harriet Lyons.

Content Analysis of Pornographic Images Available on the Internet. [Abstract]
Michael D. Metha. and Dwaine Plaza.

Age of Uncontrolled Information Flow. [Abstract]
Henry Spencer.

Freedom of Speech and Privacy in the Information Age. [Abstract]
John Sopinka

Perceptual Differences in Approaches to Censorship: Information Intermediaries and the Implementation of Law. [Abstract]
Margaret Ann. Wilkinson.

Old Freedoms and New Technologies: The Evolution of Community Networking. [Abstract]
Jay Weston.

Book Review

Sandusky: Information Systems Development and Data Modeling: Conceptual and Philosophical Foundations
Reviewed by Robert J. , by Hirschheim, Klein, and Lyytinen.

Vol. 13, No. 3

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief 13(3)

Battle of the Sexes on E-mail - Or is it? [Abstract]
Celia T. Romm. and Nava Pliskin.

The Information Based Global Economy & Socio-Economic Development: The case of Bangalore. [Abstract]
Shirin Madon.

The Adequacy of Privacy: the European Union Data Protection Directive and the North American Response. [Abstract ]
Colin Bennett and Charles D. Raab.

Social Equity & Prosperity: Thailand IT Policy into the 21st Century. [Abstract ]
Pairash Thajchayapong, Heinrich Reinermann, Seymour Goodman and G.Russell Pipe.

Book Reviews

Immersed in Technology by MA Foster (Ed.).
Reviewed by Jill Beck

Android Epistemology by Kenneth Ford, Clark Glymour and Patrick Hayes
Knowing Machines by Donald MacKenzie.
Reviewed by Steve Fuller

The Science of Writing by C. Michael Levy and Sara Ransdell.
Reviewed by Andrew Dillon

Vol. 13, No. 4

Special Issue: The Construction of Personal Identity on the Internet

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief 13(4)

Hyperbole over Cyberspace: Self-Presentation and Social Boundaries in Internet Home Pages and Discourse .[Abstract]
Eleanor Wynn and James E. Katz.

The Dynamics of Online Interactions in a Scholarly Debate. [Abstract]
Phillipe Hert.

Discourses of Danger and the Computer Hacker. [Abstract]
Deborah Halbert.

Cyberself: The Emergence of Self in Online Chat. [Abstract]
Dennis Waskul. and Mark Douglass.

Book Review

Information Systems in the Political World: Implementation, Use and Implications of Economic Modeling, by K. V. Andersen
Reviewed by G. David Garson


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