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1998: Volume 14

No. 1 | No. 2 | No. 3 | No. 4


Vol. 14, No. 1

Socioeconomic Implications of Telecommunication Liberalization: India in the International Context. [Abstract]
Ben A. Petrazzini and Girija Krishnaswamy.

How Electronic Publishers are Protecting agains Privacy: Doubts about Technical Systems of Protection. [Abstract]
Puay Tang.

A Gendered Perspective on Access to the Information Infrastructure. [Abstract]
Leslie Regan Shade.

The Politicization of Environmental Organizations through the Internet. [Abstract]
Joseph P. Zelwietro.

Myth-ing Links: Power and Community on the Information Highway. [Abstract]
Vincent Mosco.

Book Reviews

Reviewed by Peter Asaro: Technology and the Politics of Knowledge, by A. Feenberg and A. Hannay (Eds.).

Reviewed by Michael Heim: Alternative Modernity: The Technical Turn in Philosophy and Social Theory, by A. Feenberg.

Vol. 14, No. 2

Special Issue
Virtual Societies: Their Prospects and Dilemmas

The Virtual Society: Forces and Issues. [Abstract]
Agres, Carol, Magid Igbaria, and Dana Edberg.

Our Own Devices: Heterotopic Communication, Discourse and Culture in the Information Society. [Abstract]
Leah A. Lievrouw.

The Net as a Foraging Society: Flexible Communities. [Abstract]
Lee Komito.

Virtual Control and Discipline on the Internet: Electronic Governmentality in the New Wired World. [Abstract]
Michael D. Mehta and Eric Darier.

Language, Network Centrality, and Response to Crisis in On-line Life: A Case Study in the Italian Cyberpunk Computer Conference. [Abstract]
Luciano Paccagnella.

Distributed Work Arrangements: A Research Framework. [Abstract]
France Belanger and Rosann Webb Collins.

Students' Reactions to Videoconferencing. [Abstract]
Marjorie Armstrong-Stassen, Margaret Landstrom, and Ramona Lumpkin.

Book Reviews

Reviewed by Steve Jones: Philosophical Perspectives on Computer-Mediated Communication, by Charles Ess (Ed.).

Reviewed by Nancy Baym: Cultures of Internet: Virtual Spaces, Real Histories, Living Bodies, by Rob Shields (Ed.).

Vol. 14, No. 3

An Ethics For The New Surveillance. [Abstract]
Gary T. Marx.

The Year 2000 Problem and Ethical Responsibility: A Call to Action. [Abstract]
James J. Cappel. and Kappelman, Leon A.

Special Section: The History of the Internet

Looking Backward and Forward at the Internet. [Abstract]
Jon Guice.

Internetworking and the Politics of Science: NSFNET in Internet History. [Abstract]
Juan D. Rogers.

Scaling Information Infrastructure: The Case of Next Generation IP in Internet. [Abstract]
Eric Monteiro.

Book Reviews

Reviewed by Paul Gray Converging Infrastructures: Intelligent Transportation and the National Information Infrastructure by Lewis M. Branscom and James H. Keller (eds.).

Reviewed by John M. Carroll New Community Networks: Wired for Change by Douglas Schuler.

Vol. 14, No. 4

Special Issue: Social Construction of Privacy

Guest editors: Christine Hine and James Katz

Privacy in the Marketplace. [Abstract]
Hine, Christine and Juliet Eve.

The Distribution of Privacy Risks: Who Needs Protection? [Abstract]
Raab, Charles D. and Colin J. Bennett.

Places and Spaces: The Historical Interaction of Technology, Home, and Privacy. [Abstract]
Shapiro, Stuart.


The Meaning of the Web. [Abstract]
Falk, Jim.

Information Access in Africa: Problems with Every Channel. [Abstract]
Wresch, William.

Review Essay

The Network Paradigm: Social Formations in the Age of Information, by Felix Stalder

Review of Manuel Castells. The Information Age: Economy, Society and Culture, Vols. I-III

Book Reviews

Reviewed by Harmeet Sawhney. Universal Service: Competition, Interconnection, and Monopoly in the Making of the American Telephone System, by Milton L. Mueller, Jr.

Reviewed by Carl J. Couch. Information Technologies and Social Orders, by Mary E. Virnoche.


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