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1999: Volume 15

No. 1 | No. 2 | No. 3 | No. 4


Vol. 15, No. 1

Home Computers and School Performance. [Abstract]
Paul Attewell and Juan Battle

Sovereignty, Globalism, and Information Flow in Complex Emergencies. [Abstract]
Rebecca Knuth

The Internet and Ethnic Press: A Study of Electronic Chinese Publications. [Abstract]
Kewen Zhang and Hao Xiaoming

The World System of International Monetary Flows: A Network Analysis. [Abstract]
Joseph Salisbury and George Barnett

A Framework for Electronic Coordination in the Air Cargo Market. [Abstract]
Stefan Rheinheimer and Freimut Bodendorf


Can the "Next Generation Internet" Effectively Support "Ordinary Citizens"?
Rob Kling

Book Reviews

Internet Economics, by L.W.McKnight and J.P. Bailey.
Reviewed by Howard Rosenbaum

Internet Digital Libraries: The International Dimension, by Jack Kessler.
Reviewed by Bob Tavica

Vol. 15, No. 2

Special Issue: Anonymous Communication on the Internet

Guest editors: Mark S. Frankel and Al Teich

Anonymous Communication Policies for the Internet: Results and Recommendations of the AAAS Conference. [Abstract]
Al Teich, Mark S. Frankel, Rob Kling and Ya-Ching Lee

Assessing Anonymous Communication on the Internet: Policy Deliberations. [Abstract]
Rob Kling, Ya-Ching Lee, Al Teich and Mark S. Frankel

Technology for Anonymity: Names by other Nyms.[Abstract]
Peter Wayner

What's in a Name? Some Reflections on the Sociology of Anonymity. [Abstract]
Gary T. Marx

Legal Issues in Anonymity and Pseudonymity. [Abstract]
A. Michael Froomkin

Information Privacy in the Marketspace: Implications for the Commercial Uses of Anonymity on the Web. [Abstract]
Donna L. Hoffman, Thomas P. Novak, and Marcos A. Peralta


The Meaning of Anonymity in an Information Age[Abstract]
Helen Nissenbaum

Internet Anonymity in Contexts
Christina Allen

Vol. 15, No. 3

Special Issue: The Rhetorics of Gender in Computer-Mediated Communication

Guest Editors: Laura J. Gurak and Lisa Ebeltoft-Kraske

Letter from the Guest Editors

The Rhetorical Dynamics of Gender Harassment On-Line [Abstract]
Susan C. Herring

The Gendered Interactional Patterns of Computer-Mediated Chatrooms: A Critical Ethnographic Study. [Abstract]
Charles Soukup

Representing Bodies in Virtual Space: The Rhetoric of Avatar Design. [Abstract]
Beth E. Kolko

Feminist Rhetoric in Cyberspace: The Ethos of Feminist Usenet Newsgroups. [Abstract]
Christine Ann Nguyen Fredrick

Communication Gone Wired: Working Toward a "Practiced" Cyberfeminism. [Abstract]
Sibylle Gruber

Book Review

Persuasion and Privacy in Cyberspace: The Online Protests over Lotus MarketPlace and the Clipper Chip, by Laura J. Gurak [Abstract]
Nancy K. Baym

Vol. 15, No. 4

Special Issue: Identity, Voice, and Community Formation via the Internet

Letter from Editor-in-Chief

Tocqueville in Cyberspace: Using the Internet for Citizen Associations. [Abstract]
Hans K. Klein

Gender Identification, Interdependence, and Pseudonyms in CMC: Language Patterns in an Electronic Conference. [Abstract]
J.Michael Jaffe, Young-Eum Lee, Li-Ning Huang, and Hayg Oshagan

National Identities and Communication Technologies. [Abstract]
Mark Poster

Face-to-Face and Computer-Mediated Communities, A Comparative Analysis. [Abstract]
Amitai Etzioni and Oren Etzioni

Web Security and Privacy: An American Perspective. [Abstract]
L. Jean Camp

Information Warfare: Its Application in Military and Civilian Contexts.
Blaise Cronin and Holly Crawford

Review Essay

The Virtual Game: Objects, groups, and games in the Works of Pierre Lévy. [Abstract]
Ronald E. Day

Book Review

Reviewed by Thomas E. Nisonger: Research Misconduct: Issues, Implications, and Strategies

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