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1987/88: Volume 5

No. 1 | No. 2 | No. 3 | No. 4


Vol. 5, No. 1

Special issue: Information Access in the 21st Century

Policy Issues in Knowledge and Information Access.
Carolyn O. Frost.

Public Laws and Public Access. [Abstract]
Robert Lee Chartrand.

Federal Policy on Information Access and Dissemination. [Abstract]
J.Timothy Sprehe.

Information Policy and the Information Professions. [Abstract]
Kathleen M.Heim.

Knowledge Access in the Academic Library. [Abstract]
Carla J.Stoffle.

Limiting Access to Information: A View from the Leeward Side. [Abstract]
Richard W. Budd.

Knowledge Access Issues.[Abstract]
Francis J.Buckley, Jr.

The Information Millenium. [Abstract]
J.J. Fitzsimmons.

Vol. 5, No. 2

The Adoption and Social Impacts of Information Technology in U.S. Agriculture.[Abstract]
Donald Case and Everett Rogers.

Transborder Data Flows: The Transfer of Medical and Other Scientific Information by the United States. [Abstract]
Kent A. Smith and Patricia E. Healy.

Knowledge-Based Organizations.[Abstract]
Clyde W.Holsapple and Andrew B. Whinston.

The Entrepreneurial Firm as a Learning System in the Information Economy. [Abstract]
G.P. Sweeney.

Many Voices, One Structure: The Challenge of Telematics. [Abstract]
Jens C.Arnbak.

A Contextual View of Development IT. [Abstract]
Ed Downs.

Vol. 5, No. 3

The Social Significance of VCR Technology: TV or Not TV? [Abstract]
Grant Noble.

Information Resources in U.S. Manufacturing: A Reasswssment. [Abstract]
Hans-Jürgen Engelbrecht.

Information Protectionism: A Clear and Present Danger. [Abstract]
Lee Edwards.

The Politics of Global Competition in the Telecommunication Industry. [Abstract]
Jeffrey A. Hart.

Vol. 5, No. 4

Gerald P. Sweeney.

Transectorial Innovations and the Transformation of Firms. [Abstract]
André Piatier.

The Northrhine-Westphalia Project: Man and Technology. [Abstract]
Marianne Schatz-Bergveld.

The Use of Information Technologies in Dutch Households. [Abstract]
Clio Presvelou.

Convival Message Sending: Startling Facts and Figures About Electronic Mail (Messagiers) for French Households. [Abstract]
Raymond Stone Iwaasa.

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