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1989: Volume 6

No. 1/2 | No. 3 | No. 4


Vol. 6, No. 1/2

The Japanese Computer Industry: An Industrial Policy Analysis. [Abstract]
Megumi Komiya.

Some Remarks on Information and Religion.
Chris Arthur.

Appropriate High Tech: Scientific Communication Options for Small Third World Countries. [Abstract]
Rohan Samarajiva.

The Impact of the Transfer of Information Technology on Development. [Abstract]
Peter Shields and Jan Servaes.

Barriers to Electronic mail Systems in Developing Countries. [Abstract]
Khalil F. Matta and Naji E.Boutros.

Public Information Systems. [Abstract]
Levent V.Orman.

Vol. 6, No. 3

Developing Distance Education - The Broady Lecture at the Fourteenth World Conference on Distance Education, Oslo, August 12, 1988.
Gro Harlem Brundtland.

The Concept of a University of the World. [Abstract]
Joseph Becker.

ISDN and the Great Conversation. [Abstract]
Richard O. Mason.

Teleports as Precursors of the 21st Century's Information Society. [Abstract]
Fjodor Ruzic.

Telecommunications and Information Networks: Growing International Tensions and Their Underlying Causes. [Abstract]
R.Brian Woodrow.

Topic-Specific Market Concentration in the Information Services Industry: Evidence from the DIALOG Group of Data Bases. [Abstract]
James Christopher Westland.

Vol. 6, No. 4

Information Machines and the Brave New World. [Abstract]
J.D.R. de Raadt.

How U.S. Cities Compete Through Information Technologies: Securing an Urban Advantage. [Abstract]
Joyce Elam, Dan Edwards, and Richard O. Mason.

Business Teams in an Information Age. [Abstract]
Maryam Alavi and Peter G.W. Keen.

A Perspective on Natural and Artificial Intelligence. [Abstract]
M.S. Somasundaram and Jaidev.

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